4 Unspoken Terms and Conditions of Mature Dating

R.M.S Mature Dating

Before you sail on the R.M.S Mature Dating as your own captain, doing as you please, you need to understand the following realities that you risk facing as soon as you create your profile. Perhaps even before that when you’re still answering the personality questions.

1. Some of the profiles are inactive

And the online dating sites are too busy to do anything about them.

Inactive profiles: Big names in this industry may boast of 20 million members. If it's a free dating site, many of them would be inactive. Using a paid site and setting up a montly membership will offer you a more reputable service backed by the company operating the dating website.

Dodgy folks: You may encounter them rarely in real life (and thank heavens for that) but they can be more common online. Just stop conversation and block as soon as you see bad behaviour.

Develop a thick skin.

2. They’re behind a screen. No way of knowing who you’re talking to

There are so-called “virtual dating assistants” that people can hire to dance the online dating first steps before taking over for the first date! Or, you know, like what happens in movies, someone else sets up the dating profile for a friend, and that person ends up doing the work for the sake of the friend.

Establish identity. After a few messages back and forth and before a date, ask for a video chat. Just to put a face to the messages.

Or ask to meet anyway. An “eyeball.” Meeting sooner rather than later can save you time anyway. If you don’t have chemistry or attraction, you can move on rather than have a string of ‘maybe’s.

3. Grammar and race comes into play

Online dating can make you shallow. Who even notices grammar much when you talk to people face to face? Spelling never comes up either. And what about race? Even the staunchest non-racists end up responding to their preferred race and ignoring those they do not prefer.

Check your profile’s grammar and spelling. And when you give or receive messages, look past the photo and the your-you’re mistake.

4. Online dating can mimic intimacy

Is that a bad thing, getting to know each other better than if you meet daily for coffee and dinner? Yes. Also be careful with first date sex. A lot of women end up having intercourse after the first date, because they feel closeness to the guy after a ton of messages through online dating.

For those looking for casual sex, this seems fine. But for those looking for real relationships, this is a letdown.

Treat the first date as a first date, no matter how familiar the other person feels after your exchanges online. Don’t use online dating as a shortcut. Get to know each other in person.

Dating as a mature adult can be fun, but please keep your wits about you. Good luck!