MM Success Stories: "Electric" Still Happens

Pam and Jim

Plenty of over-50s approach dating again with an expectation (and a resignation?) that finding someone at their age would be different. It doesn't have to be. Who says you wouldn't have the same sparks younger adults are always talking of? And it's an incredible thing when you consider that all you have to do to meet your match is to take that bold step forward.

Pam: Jim was… quite the charmer. I was attracted to his profile straightaway. All the notions I grew up with of letting the man do the chasing flew out the window. I thought, bloody hell, I was on a dating site anyway! That was already miles off the beaten path for me and my peers when it comes to romance.

So I contacted Jim. I was nervous, but I just pretended he was an old friend I suddenly bumped into at the pub. I was all matey--it was ridiculous.

Jim: It wasn’t. Not to me. It was just really confident. I liked it. I sensed that there would be no games with Pam. No dancing, no hunting. Just friendship that could, you know, organically transform into love. And it did.

She called me. I called her. And she’s so fun to talk to. We talk for hours every day. I, well, there’s no other way of saying it, is there. I fell in love with her easily.

Pam: Don’t worry, you haven’t lost any cool points admitting that. Sparks still happen

Jim: I have a grandson. Very firm ideas on what’s cool with girls.

Pam: You continue the story.

Jim: Why? You embarrassed about how you snogged me soon after we clapped eyes on each other?

Pam: Oh yeah, your grandson will tell you how cool that was, not making the first move. It was electric. Writing about our first meeting is electric. Meeting for the first time was electric. After he got over his shock of getting snogged, we snogged some more. And then he bought me a promise ring the next day.

Jim: Real ring. Should have thought of an electric cord.

Pam: Good idea. I’ll make that for you for your own promise ring.

Jim: I’m separated. When my divorce is finalised, I’ll give Pam her electric cord wedding ring.

Pam: This ridiculous duffer is one of the most caring and attentive men I’ve ever met. I’m really, really glad I tried online dating. It led me to him, led him to me. Doesn’t matter. We’re together.