MM Success Stories: Love in A "Whirlwind Romance"

Gary and Annette

whirlwind love


Gary: I sent Annette a message back in March 23, 2013. It was Saturday. I went fishing afterward. Didn’t think of her any more because she didn’t reply.

Annette: I replied!

Gary: A few days later. It took you a bit, didn’t it? She replied Thursday. By then I’d forgotten I’d sent someone a message. I wasn’t really fixing on using the site much, but Annie caught my eye. So I messaged her. When she didn’t reply, I thought that was that. But we ended up going back and forth all weekend. We exchanged numbers and I asked her to go out with me to the pub.

Annette: My friend told me not to go, that it was too fast, too soon. So I dragged her along with me to keep me safe.

Gary: Marian was there? I like her. She should have joined us.

Annette: It was enough that she was around and she saw for herself you weren’t some nutter or murderer. She saw us having a good time.

Gary: Annette is very easy to have a good time with. She was the nutter. I remember roaring with laughter.

Annette: It was embarrassing. He has a very loud, braying laugh that turns heads. I liked it. It was always what I look for in friends and people who become dear to me. Lack of self-consciousness, just sincerity and warmth. If they’re delighted, they pound the table and laugh or hug. Never mind if anything spills. In the context of positive feelings, I like lack of restraint. But I've seen him have restraint a couple of times when the circumstances where the opposite of positve and happy. I liked that even more. He is quite a combination.

Gary: I got lucky that you like lack of restraint when it comes to happiness. On her birthday last year, I booked us a hotel suite. I also had a Marian--but he’s bald and called Timothy. He did ask me if I wasn’t moving too fast. I’ve only known Annie 15 months then. But no, I told Timothy it felt right. Why wait? I already saw Annie without makeup, without sanity, without clothes on, without tea. Not pretty, I tell you. I mean when she hasn't had tea all day. I wasn't deluded or blind to her faults. I saw her as a whole magnificent creature. That night at our suite after our dinner, I got down on one knee and Annie said yes, I can help her remove her boots.

Annette: (laughs) Well, you didn’t say anything, you were just kneeling there like a pillock fumbling with your back pocket.

Gary: Anyway, I got the ring out--I should have had it out before I went down. I asked her to marry me and make me laugh most of the rest of our days. She said yes.

Annette: We married on the 23rd of March this year, on the second anniversary of the day we clapped eyes on each other at the pub. So far, no regrets. Check back next year when the honeymoon period is done, won’t you?

Gary: Ignore her.