How Successful is Online Dating?

The 50-and-wiser club may not have grown up with gadgets and everything accessible at the tip of their fingers and the top of their palms, but they’re active online and they meet other singles online, through online dating sites.

Singles over 55 online for communication and bonding, to find someone to talk or do things with.

Does it really work?

1 in 4 couples met through online dating, and this ratio is still growing.

How do people meet people? Number one is through friends. Number two is online dating.

Because of compatibility matches, people have more to talk about, and at least become friends, if not a couple.

Also because of the compatibility questions, everything is on the table right off the bat. Histories (Been married? With children?), vices (Smoker? Drinker?) and little things that turn out big later on (tidiness, self-esteem). This leads to matches that lead to marriage that don’t lead to divorce.

A large and growing number of members enlarges the size of everyone’s sea. Mature dating websites have a 73-100% increase of members over 55.

In America, 15% of adults say they know someone in a long-term relationship or married to someone met through online dating.

And perhaps the best proof of success (and safety) is that the kids approve: “Women and men 50+ are using online dating and relationship websites because the stigma of an online personal ad is fading, and their adult children are leading them to online dating.” (AARP, December 2005).