How Do I Tell My Kids I Want to Date Again?

Mature Couple Holding Hands

How do you tell your kids you want to date again? Simply, that’s how.

Don’t make a big deal of it like sitting them down especially for this discussion. Just mention it over a meal, or while cleaning up the kitchen.

Children, age 4 or age 40, tense up when parents say, “Listen, we need to talk about something.”

Happy, non-threatening news are delivered without pomp, aren’t they? Saying you want to meet people and possibly have a relationship is happy and non-threatening.

  • After all, you’re dating because you want to and you’re ready, not because people think you should.
  • You must tell your kids you plan to date at the outset. Springing things on them, like telling them you’re already dating someone, can be rather jarring and in consequence, annoying. Introducing someone as a friend when that person is already a date won’t work and can backfire in bad feelings over your subterfuge.
  • “I want to date again. How do you feel about that?” Taking their feelings into consideration reminds them of their place in your life.
  • At the same time, it’s your decision, and if needed, remind them that while they’re very important, it’s your life.
  • But let them weigh in, especially if your children are adults themselves. It can be fun!
  • Expect a range of emotions, especially if you’ve been married and you were in grief or had divorce.
  • The goal is happiness. Work toward that, not toward having a partner again.